Quality and Environment

We firmly believe that effective environmental protection and social responsibility are essential for our long-term success as a company.

We ensure that the environment is not disturbed by the technological progress that we make.

This has made us go out of our way to ensure that our products and processes are completely environment friendly and safe.

We periodically take initiatives to reduce environmental impact, minimize waste, and improve occupational health and safety at our plants.

We are the pioneers in developing Ferro Aluminum, a reliable deoxidiser.

The precise addition of this additive ensures higher yield, thus conserving metallurgical resources.

The Cored Wire Injection System which is another pioneering activity for Minex facilitates the addition of toxic and difficult additives without causing any environmental hazards.

Through these advances that we have made in the field we have helped the Iron and Steel industry to integrate harmoniously with nature and taken care not to exhaust or damage our natural resources.


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