Introduction to Wire Injection System

High productivity, precise quality oriented production processes such as secondary metallurgy are being increasingly used in steel melt shops. Steel treatment and composition adjustment methods used with secondary metallurgy process demand speed, high recovery, consistence, cleanliness, accuracy and flexibility

Cored wire Injection is an automated method of introducing metallurgical powder in molten steel, which meets the above criteria at low investment.

One of the main problems of secondary metallurgy is introducing metals and alloys with reproducibility and recovery into steel melt. The wire injection process more conveniently introduces these elements. Cored wire injection metallurgy introduces the metallurgical powder deep inside the melt at a critical depth through a sacrificial steel tube.

  • Minex history of wire feeder is over 30 years in the field of iron & Steel Foundries.
  • Over 500 installations have been commissioned during these years from the smallest for below 1 MT Ladle to extra-large one with Four Strand capability.
  • Minex has installed over 90% of the Wire Feeder facilities in this country and many of them are repeat orders, project start-ups along with metallurgical support.
  • Minex expertise in cored wire and injection systems enables us to offer complete turnkey solutions for cored wire technology implementation.
  • Introduced over 8 different models of feeder from compact single strand to four Strand one.
  • Rod Feeder for Aluminium Industries
  • Single Strand Wire Feeder
  • Two Strand Wire Feeder for Steel Foundry
  • Two Strand Wire Feeder for Steel Plant
  • Four Strand Wire Feeder for Steel Plant
  • Vertical Wire Straighteners for Pure Ca wire injection in Steel Plants
  • Vertical Magnesium Wire Injection System for SG Foundries & DI Pipe industries.
  • Customised Guide Systems.
  • Customised Rear Guide systems- Fixed Guide Pipe, Telescopic Guide Pipe with Electric Motor / Pneumatic cylinder for Actuation Swelling Guide Pipe, Pneumatically Actuated / Motorized Actuation
  • Auxillary systems

Features of Wire Injection System

  • The latest state of art equipment, Technology and Metallurgical support.
  • A personal approach with customized solution.
  • Reliable performance of the Feeder due to its rugged design and workmanship.
  • Consistence and repeatability backed with excellent customer support.
  • Easy operation and maintenance and spare part support.
  • Adhering to delivery Commitments.


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