Ferro Silicon Zirconium

Chemical Formula Available Form Description of the Product
FeSiZr – 18-20%, 30- 35%, 35-40%, 40-45% Lumps, Granules, Powder, Cored wire Zirconium is highly reactive, and forms stable compounds with oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen and carbon. Its affinity for the first three of these elements accounts for its principal uses in steelmaking: the control of nonmetallic (sulfide and oxysulfide) inclusions and the fixation of nitrogen, primarily in boron steels. It is used to scavenge impurities (oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen) or modify inclusions through the formation of complex sulfides and oxysulfides. The efficacy of zirconium additions will therefore be measured not by the amount of residual “acid soluble” metal which remains, but by the extent to which inclusions are beneficially modified.


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