Demag Tab

Chemical Formula Available Form Description of the Product
K-  25-30%, Al- 18-20%, F-35-45% Cylindrical Tablet Demag Tablet is the compressed powder of Potassium Aluminium Fluoride, which is a commercial grade, fused solid, inorganic salt, containing a non– stoichiometric mixture of potassium hexa fluorominate (K3AlF6) and potassium tetra fluorominate (KAlF4). This tablet is used to remove Magnesium from aluminum melt. Potassium Aluminium Floride tablet full fill the all requirements so it is used effectively as demagging flux to remove the Mg from aluminium alloy melt (at the place of chlorine gas). The active fluorides in the melt react with Mg and forms Magnesium fluoride. It can also help to remove other alkali and alkaline metal as Ca and Li.


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