X-Rays are electromagnetic radiation and exhibit both wave and corpuscular properties. Scattering and ionisation demonstrates their corpuscular nature while diffraction is an example of its wave nature. The wavelength of X-rays is related to its energy by the formula:

where; E is in keV and λ in nanometres.

At Minex we attach high importance to sample preparation as matching standards is the most crucial requirement of accurate analysis in XRF If the samples are mineralogically homogeneous then powders ground to below 75 micron size are used otherwise the samples are fused with suitable flux like Lithium tetra borate, Potassium pyrosulphate etc. for better accuracy.

We can analyse • Metals • Slags • Minerals • Cements etc. by XRF. Can analyze from ppm to 99.99%.

Totally unknown type of sample can also be analysed for its content Since the XRF system is ON 24 hrs 6 days a week the turnaround time is very less and system stability is very high In addition to normal elemental analysis Minex also provides an excellent semi-quantitative package, which covers all the elements from Oxygen to uranium measurable by XRF in one analysis. Useful results can be obtained from even small samples.