Aluminium- Copper Master Alloy

Alloy Description:

Aluminium Copper master alloy is the alloy of Aluminium and Copper which is used as additive for Copper in Aluminium alloys as a hardener. This alloy is dissolved fast in Aluminium melt and gives maximum recovery of Copper . Aluminium based master alloys which contain the hardener elements in high concentrations, provide a convenient and economical way to add them to Aluminium to achieve desired properties. These master alloys readily dissolved into the liquid Aluminium at lower liquid Aluminium temperatures, thus minimizing dross formation, solubility of hydrogen ,reduced energy consumption and longer furnace life. The chemical composition and physical properties of the Aluminium Copper master alloy is given bellow: panerai replica watches

Chemical composition:

Alloy Grade Chemical composition (%)
Cu Fe (max) Others (max) AI
AICu 10 9 - 11 0.25 0.5 Balance
AICu 20 19-21 0.25 0.5 Balance
AICu 28 - 32 28-32 0.25 0.5 Balance
AICu 30 - 35 30-35 0.25 0.5 Balance
AICu 50 48-52 0.25 0.5 Balance

Other impurities- Mn, Ca, Zn, Na, Si, Pb **above hardeners are produced from 99.7% (Min.) purity of Al.

Physical properties:

Alloy Grade Density (gm/cc) Melting point (°C)
AICu 10 - 20 3.8-3.9  720 - 740
AICu 30 - 50 5.7-5.8 860 - 875
* * melting point is not a relevant in normal use, the majority of master alloy and tablets produced by Minex Metallugical Co. Ltd., dissolve in Aluminium rather than melt.  best replica watches


Aluminium Copper master alloy widely used as hardener in all Aluminium industry for some structural application. Copper has a low solubility in Aluminium at low temperatures. An alloy quenched from high temperature to retain the Copper in solid solution will therefore be metastable and hence the Copper will tend to precipitate forming GP zones. This can be occur even at room temperature, so that hardness will change as a function of time, a phenomenon known as "age hardening". Both cast and wrought Aluminium - Copper alloys response to solution heat treatment and subsequent aging with an increase in strength and hardness and a decrease in elongation. The strengthening is maximum between 4 and 6% of Cu, depending upon the influence of other constituents present. 

Remove heavy dross from melt surface and add appropriate amount of AICu master alloy (At T 720 - 760°C). After the dissolution of alloy, stir the melt gently for 30sec. 

Forms Std. Size(mm) Sts. Weight(Kg)
Piglet 60 x 45 x 45  
Waffle Plate   8-10
Ingot   6-8
Splatter Thick:3-6 & Width: 10-100  


Piglet Ingot Waffle Plate Slaptter
25kg gunny bag/500 kg Jumbo Bag(or as per customer requirement) 1000kg Jumbo bag or strapping with palette(or as per customer requirement) 25, 50kg Jumbo bags(or as per customer requirement) 500kg strapping with palette(or as per customer requirement)

Use cool and dry place to store the material

Material safety data sheet can be supplied on demand. Material is not hazardous but normal safety precautions to be followed