Product Introduction:

Minex  Continuous Casting Mould Fluxes are synthetic slags  used to cover the liquid steel meniscus in the continuous casting  of steel with submerged entry nozzle practice & sold under the Brand  name MINTHERM.

Mintherm Casting Powders are scientifically formulated with carefully selected raw materials & have controlled chemical composition , particle size , melting characteristics  & melt viscosity to achieve highly satisfactory performance.

FUNCTIONS OF Mintherm Casting Powders :

Mintherm forms three distinct layers when it comes in contact with liquid steel.

  • Powder layer : It is the uppermost one providing Thermal insulation  preventing premature freezing of steel  , skull formation  and compensates continuously for the loss of the molten slag.  It also protects the meniscus from reoxidation  avoiding direct contact with air.
  • Viscous layer : absorbs the non metallic inclusions.
  • Liquid Layer : its in intimate contact with liquid steel providing necessary lubrication to the solidifying strand  by infiltrating between the solidifying shell & copper mold.


Casting powders monitor the heat transfer rate , reduce cooling stresses in the strand and control the meniscus characteristics  reducing Oscillating marks and Transverse cracks.