Grade Powder Chemical Composition (%)
C (Min) S (Max) V.M (Max) Ash (Max) Moist. (Max)
C 98 98 1 0.5 1 0.5


Powder specification
Grade Melting
C 98 3.51 3800 3850 -­1.4 – +0.045
Strip Specification
Grade Diameter
(0, mm)
Thickness (mm)
EDD IS – 513 13 0.40±0.03
Wire Characteristics
Grade Diameter ( 0, mm) Shape Powder Fill (gm/mt)
C -­98 13±0.2 Round 135±10
Coil Specification (Flipping Coil – Horizontal & Vertical)

13 mm 0

Coil Identification


F2-­05 F2-­06
Powder Weight
0.500 0.650

All coils are color coded and fixed with a detailed sticker clearly displaying details such as coil no., powder content, strip weight, gross weight density & length. A fluorescent sticker displays the name of the product in bold letters on the outer diameter of the coil.


No metal sling, chain or rod is to be used across the ID of the coil for handling as it may damage the coil. Use only polyester, synthetic slings, fork lift/tractor to handle the coil. The pallet is an integral part of the coil and it is to be removed till the coil is consumed.

Shelf Life

Follow the shelf life period specified by MINEX

Strip Weight
0.550 0.720
Net Weight
1.070 1.370
Length (Mtrs) 3703 4444
Diameter (mm)
650 650
Diameter (mm)
1120 1200
Height (mm) 900 900
Packing Storage & Safety

Packed in flipping cage and mounted on wooden / mild steel pallet and Strapped with pallet horizontally or vertically. All coils are wrapped in stretch film & palletized.

To be stored in dry & covered area away from heat and moisture. Material Safety data sheet can be Supplied on demand.

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Application and Addition:

In carbon cored wire, carbon powder is encapsulated in steel sheath. Carbon cored wire is used as trimming addition to adjust carbon in steel melt. The carbon cored wire is injected into the depth of steel melt at trimming temperature (1600°C). Generally the recovery of carbon is found to be above 90%.