Aluminum Bismuth ALBi

Alloy Description:

No ImageAluminum Bismuth master alloy is the  alloy of Aluminium and Bismuth which is used as additive for Bismuth in aluminum alloys  as a hardener. AIBi is free  machining alloy which are  added to aluminum to assist chip formation and improve machinability. The chemical composition and physical properties of  the  Aluminium Bismuth master alloy is given below:

Chemical composition:

Alloy Grade Chemical composition (%)
Bi Fe(max) Others (max) Others (max) AI
AIBi3 48 32 25 29 Balance
AIBi6 36 29 27 31 Balance
AIBi8 33 24 20 25 Balance

Physical properties:

Alloy Grade Density (gm/cc) Melting point (°C)
AIBi3 2.8-2.9 640- 650*
AIBi6 3.1 -3.2 630- 640*
AIBi8 3.3-3.4 620 -630*

No ImageMelting point is not  a relevant in normal use, the majority of master alloy and tablets produced by Minex Metallurgical Co.Ltd.,dissolve in Aluminium rather than melt.

Addition technique:

Remove heavy dross from  melt surface and add appropriate amount of AIBi master alloy (AI T  700 - 750°C). After the dissolution of alloy,stir the melt gently for 3) sec.

Aluminium Bismuth master alloy has  been added in experimentally in Aluminum alloys  (e.g.2xxx,6xxx series... etc.)  as  a Bismuth  additive. Standard Aluminium alloys   for  free   cutting contain major alloying elements additions of Lead,Bismuth and Tin which forms softer phases in matrix.These "free machining" phases improve the machinability of  the alloys because of easier breaking of chips, smooth surface, lower cutting forces  and smaller tool wear.S ince lead is poisonous, a tendency to replace it with other elements; Tin and Bismuth are more frequently used substituent. In contrast to lead, Bismuth is an environmental friendly metal and possesses most  of  the properties of lead, including selubrication.

In this alloy, bismuth forms  the free machining phase which is not  soluble in aluminum and does not form intermelallics compounds with aluminum. The formed heterogeneous phases  cause discontinuity of the matrix. The cohesive forces  are weaker at locations of discontinuity, which facilitates the breaking of chips  during the machining process.

The distribution of free machining globulilic phases is fine and uniform of 5 to 10 µm.
Bismuth expands on solidification, this makes bismuth alloy particularly suited for making of sharp castings of objects subject to damage by high temperature.Bismuth also improves corrosion and stress resistance and reduces the need to use chlorine to eliminate sodium during processing of specially alloy grades.

Form; Std. Size (mm) Std. Weight (Kg)
PiQiet 60×45×45  
Waffle plate   8-10
Ingot   6-8

Different shape & Size CO'"'I also be prodvced as per cvstomer reqUrement.

Pialet lnaot Wallie plate
25 Kg gunny bag/500 Kg Jumbo Bag (or as per customer requirement) 1000 Kg jumbo bag or strapping with palette (or as per customer requirement} 500 Kg strapping with palette (or as per customer requirement)

Use cool and dry place lo slore the material.

Malerial Safely Dolo Sheel can be supplied on  demand. Malerial is nol hazardous bul normal safely precaulions lo be followed.