Minex Metallurgical Co Ltd has a microscope in only reflected light can be studied. It is attached to a computer having Image Analyzer application. Complete microstructure analysis of metals can be done through this software. The image analyzer can be used to determine Area-Fraction, Grain Size, Nodularity, Inclusion rating and other features like shape, size, orientation, morphology etc.

Area Fraction: Composition of each constituent element / phase per total area of the total unit area of the sample expressed as percentage. Grain Size: Grain size is usually measured on the cross section of an aggregate of grains. The ASTM grain size number can be evaluated using the image analyzer. Evaluation of Grain Size can be done by two methods 1) Intercept Method & 2) Area Method. The intercept method gives the ASTM grain size number. Nodularity: The total number of Graphite nodules, which are perfectly round in appearance present in frame of the sample expressed as percentage i.e. Nodularity which, is the deciding factor for strength in cast iron can be easily calculated. Inclusions: Sulphides, Aluminates, Silicates and globular oxide inclusions are identified based on the difference in the grey levels of sulphides and oxides. The oxides in turn are identified based on the difference in their grain morphology. The detection is as per the ASTM E-45/1122, DIN 50602 & JIS G-05555. Feature measurement: Features and parameters like area, perimeter, length, shape and orientation etc of an object of interest can be calculated. Statistical parameters like minimum, maximum, average can also be calculated. Linear measurements: Measurements like length, depth/ thickness can easily be done of a selected image area. An applied method can also be used to measure hardness of a test piece. A diamond intender is forced into the surface of the test piece followed by measurement of the diagonal length of the indentation left after removal of the force.