Here you will find information on the activities of Minex Research & Development and how they relate to all stages of the production process and alloying applications

Process Research

Process research makes a valuable contribution towards a more sustainable society by making the most efficient use of raw materials. It minimizes energy consumption in process stages such as spheriodizer casting, casting in water cooled mould and crushing, use of unidirectional stirring induction furnace for enhanced heat utilization and precise stirring during aluminum master alloy production.

Other work that helps the environment simultaneously reducing cost includes the development of new production process to reduce number of production steps or enhance the product performance thus to improve the utilization of element of concern.

Pilot experimental facilities include pilot plant for cored wire performance evaluation, open air melting and vacuum induction furnace, casting facilities with league equipment's for testing.

Product Research

Product research focuses on product manufactured by Minex, such as spheriodiser, inoculants, aluminum master alloys, and cored wires. R&D team investigates how the properties and behavior of these products can be best adopted to suit individual market / customer needs.

For example, the research requirement of a customer using cored wire for inclusion modification in steel melt to improve the toughness and ductility in transverse direction. Minex has given the cost effective solution with improved cored wire design, and improved recovery of element.

Major fields of expertise include metallurgical research, alloy development, product design and control of product application at customers.

Experimental facilities for product research includes pilot cored wire feeders for steel treatment, product design and production facility.

Minex also has extensive equipment for material characteristics, applying technique for optical microscopy and spectrometric techniques.

Application Research

Application research is concerned with helping customers to get most out of Minex products. For example aluminum casting manufacturer might need support in areas such as optimizing down gauging products, optimizing process parameters and helping resolve quality issues.

Our team, look at how material behaves when in use in order to optimize down steam production process, determine the performance of end product.

Developing novel metal-based application is another interesting area of work, for example making an innovative new concept of radiation shielding alloy that can give a cost effective and environmental friendly solution to radiation shielding application.